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Helping Educators Realize

Movement Towards 


Our thorough approach reveals meaningful details that enable our team of professionals to formulate a comprehensive report containing carefully-considered strategic action plans that become part of your path forward.

Equity, Excellence, and Empathy in Action.

Our human approach is a cornerstone principle of Hubbard Educational Consultants.  Our team of experts are prepared to meet you where you are in your journey and play a pivotal role in getting you where you want to be.

We're Very Proud Of The Organizations We Work With

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Proven Approach.  Measurable Results.

Hubbard Educational Consultant’s (HEC) onsite teams conduct meaningful interviews and teacher observations, as well as extensive document analysis that inform our findings. We present a  Comprehensive School Quality Review (CSQR) to school/district leadership with recommendations and action steps to move your organization toward improvement.


Engaging Interviews

HEC specialists conduct interviews with teachers, leadership, students, and community stakeholders.

Our research-based questions provide us with qualitative data on professional development,

instructional leadership, student involvement, and community perception.

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Meet Keith And Tracy Hubbard

The vision for HEC derives from years of research, experience, and education in the fields of school improvement. Keith & Tracy combine their proven skills in school turnaround and project management to create a different kind of educational consulting firm. They partner with clients to integrate Equity, Excellence, and Empathy in all components of school improvement.


"​Throughout my career, I have successfully transformed schools from negative to positive accreditation ratings. I have overhauled district level school improvement practices to ensure alignment with strategic initiatives aimed at improved targeted measures. As a former teacher, principal, and now director, I know the value of planning for improvement. I believe you have to have a plan before you need the plan"

Keith Hubbard

Dr. Keith Hubbard, Ed.D


"As a communications and project management professional, I have partnered with leaders and subject matter experts to develop results-driven strategies and implement high profile and complex initiatives throughout various industries. I truly believe that a well-developed plan is the first step toward improvement. Proper execution is key to the overall success of any strategic plan."

Tracy Hubbard

Dr. Tracy K. Hubbard, D.Min., M.A., PMP

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the educational sector by partnering with our clients through all phases of the process to:

  • Facilitate excellence in leadership development with administrators, principals, teachers and students.

  • Collaborate with our clients in all phases of the school improvement process to ensure goals toward excellence are achieved.​

  • Work with our clients to enhance, establish or develop a framework for youth development that creates positive experiences, environments and relationships between students and the school community.

our mission

"I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Mr. Hubbard as we worked towards school Improvement... His objective feedback helped me to provide feedback from various viewpoints. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise. I will always remain appreciative because we both believe in the power of true collaborative teamwork”

~ Brenton B., Assist. Principal Newport News Public Schools, Newport News, VA

our vision
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Our Vision Of Equity, Excellence, And Empathy Is At The Heart Of Our Educational Services. 


Removing barriers that hinder administrators, teachers, and students from achieving their maximum potential. ​


Preparing for greatness through systematic professional development enables and empowers everyone to achieve greatness in building relationships, developing leadership and delivering instruction.


Having a deep understanding of challenges organizations face before developing solutions they can achieve toward greatness.

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