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Our Services

Hubbard Educational Consultants (HEC) provides exclusive comprehensive services to deliver successful school improvement planning, leadership team development, and youth empowerment initiatives that create positive experiences, environments, and relationships using the E3 Model of Equity, Excellence and Empathy.

Strategic Planning

HEC specialists are masters in strategic planning and delivery. The Strategic process includes thinking, planning, and actions. Our Comprehensive School Quality Review (CSQR) is the first step in the strategic planning continuum. HEC offers end to end services in the strategic planning process with schools and districts. HEC differs from other consulting firms as they designate project management services to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved. Strategic Planning is where the movement towards improvement begins.  

strategic planning

Leadership Development

HEC specialists assess, develop, support, and ensure achievement of identified targets in the School Improvement Process. In alignment with delivery of services, we implement our fundamental core belief of the E3 Model (Equity, Excellence and Empathy). HEC instructional leadership offerings improve all aspects of teaching for learning.


We believe school leadership and school improvement are a symbiotic process. HEC Specialists provide comprehensive development services in the following domains: 

  • Teacher coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Professional learning communities 

  • School improvement process 

  • Master scheduling

  • School improvement planning 

  • Curriculum alignment

  • Lesson delivery

leadership development

Project Management

HEC is different from other consulting firms as we offer services in project management to ensure we meet targets, measure growth, collect evidence, and hold teams accountable for producing deliverables. We can help you:

  • Improve your chances of achieving the desired result,

  • Gain a fresh perspective on your project and how it fits with your business strategy, 

  • Prioritize your business’s resources and ensure their efficient use, and 

  • Set the scope, schedule and budget accurately from the start.

project management

Curriculum Development

Our HEC specialists have extensive experience in all components of curriculum design. We offer the following services:

  • Creating templates for effective planning and delivery of instruction

  • Formulating assessments to ensure the proper alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum 

  • Creating appropriate pacing guidelines

In addition, we have dedicated curriculum specialists in literacy, science, mathematics, social sciences, and technology who can provide a range of services in these core content areas.

curriculum development


HEC specialists provide customized workshops on a variety of research based, high yield strategies in the areas of leadership development, instructional delivery, and youth empowerment for our clients. Contact us so we can develop a program that meets your needs.

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School Environment

HEC fundamentally believes the E3 Model of Equity, Excellence and Empathy can help design and set up classroom spaces, establish meaningful routines, implement effective behavioral systems, and create exciting learning environments. Our E3 Models helps create an atmosphere where everyone feels empowered and encouraged to achieve greatness.

cultural sensativity training

Youth Empowerment

HEC offers an interactive and thought-provoking curriculum designed to encourage youth to identify, set, and accomplish goals. Our curricular resources integrate student voice and choice in English, math, and 21st century skills that enable students to compete in a global society. We provide an A-Z curriculum with all the tools necessary for successful implementation.

instructional leadership

Executive Leadership Program

Principal's Principles Course 

A known fact is better leaders lead better schools. The impact principals make on the lives of stakeholders can only be matched by the impact of great teachers. My life’s work has been to ensure that Principals and School Leadership Teams are equipped with the tools necessary to lead world class school organizations. This coaching series is delivered in eight 2-hour sessions that are engaging, thought provoking, and practical for successful leadership development and overall school improvement. 

Principal's Principles
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