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Helping Educators Realize Movement Towards Improvement

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Hubbard Logo - TOP CHOICE2_clipped_rev_1

Maqoi Hubbard

Student Intern & Future Educator

HEC provides a systematic school improvement process by assessing, developing, supporting, and ensuring identified targets for improvement are achieved in their School Improvement Process. In alignment with all of our services we implement our fundamental core belief of the E3 model Equity, Excellence, and Empathy. We believe School Leadership and School Improvement are a symbiotic process. 

Planning Success

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Leadership Development

HEC Specialist provide comprehensive development services in the following domains:

  • Teacher Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • School Improvement Process

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Instructional Leadership

HEC  Instructional leadership offerings are designed to improve all aspects of instructional delivery. Our Specialist offer services in:

  • Master Scheduling 

  • School Improvement Planning

  • Curriculum Alignment

  • Lesson Delivery

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HEC fundamentally believes the E3 model of equity,excellence, and empathy can help design classroom spaces ,routines, behavioral systems, and learning environments that will improve stakeholders 

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